What We've Given

MKCC 40 Fund

In 2019, Milton Keynes Christian Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary. As a reflection of their commitment to invest into the local community and the church's ongoing generosity, they were able to establish a fund of £40,000 to help local community groups and charities address the needs of people within Milton Keynes. This is known as the ‘MKCC Fund’.

The ForMK Team partners with Milton Keynes Community Foundation Philanthropy Team, who administer the Fund. The Fund helps projects and initiatives that focus on mental health and wellbeing, building cohesive communities, protecting and enabling those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, and enhancing education, training and empowerment for marginalised ethnic communities.

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In 2020, Milton Keynes Christian Centre ran a Be Rich campaign. As a result, members donated £6,500 which have been distributed to a number of organisations around Milton Keynes.

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Make a difference

Help deliver hope and meet the needs of communities across Milton Keynes.