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We are FOR supporting individuals to find the help they need.  Below are some of the organisations you can contact.  Or send us a message and we will help you find the help you need.

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Citizens Advice Milton Keynes provide free, confidential, independent and impartial advice.  Their advisers and assessors can help you resolve your problem. They explain your options and the possible outcomes of different courses of action. They don’t tell you what to do – they encourage you to make your own decisions and act on your own behalf. They aim to help you manage your own problems by identifying options for you.

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Mind BLMK aims to promote and protect people with mental health problems and assist in the development of people with mental ill health by provisions of support, advice and other services.  They provide a range of services to meet different requirements.

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MK Food Bank provides emergency support to people in need of food to feed themselves.

If you are struggling financially and need urgent help with food, you will need a Food Bank voucher number in order to access a food parcel for yourself and members of your family. You can be issued with up to 6 Food Bank vouchers within a rolling 12 month period.

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