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Supporting Grassroots Organisations

Over recent months, forMK has provided funding to local organisations that are helping people in Milton Keynes to continue what they are doing or start something new. We recognise that these local gems diligently meet the needs of their beneficiaries and make a positive impact on our community as a whole. We have sought to lend a helping hand by offering £500 toward each approved project through our Be Rich Fund. The following applicants received support from August up to the end of November 2022.

MK Basketball Foundation

This is a project with a very strong behavioural code, based on mutual respect among members & toward coaches. The club is committed to helping young people develop into model young adults through the vehicle of Basketball by offering local children & young people (aged 4-18) the opportunity to play at both community and elite levels. The funding provided was for the purchase of 40-50 new practice basketballs, size-specific for different age groups that attend the club.

Little Miracles Milton Keynes

This project addresses the needs of families that have children with additional needs and life-limiting conditions. The project enables families and children to socialise and feel less isolated. It gives parents and carers respite and a chance to network/talk about their family life and how disability affects them and may often exclude them. The funds were used towards their SEN-friendly ‘Spectacular Santa’s Grotto’ where Santa gave children gifts, photo opportunities were available with Santa &/or his sleigh and there was ‘moving and shaking’ in the spirit of Christmas to the music and the dance routines that took place throughout the event.

Spectrum Community Arts Limited

Spectrum provides performing arts workshops for people with disabilities and additional needs. They aim to use the performing arts (dance, drama, and music) as a tool to help performers develop their confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression. Many performers do not attend any other clubs or groups outside of school and Spectrum Community Arts Limited is a safe space, where they can be themselves without being judged. The funds combined with their own fundraising will assist sessional staffing costs between November 2022 to July 2023.

Sweet Sound Community Gospel Choir

This is a community choir established in February 2022 that has brought together local people of different ages, ethnicities, gender, heritage and abilities to learn and develop their musical talent through expert tuition as well as build a sense of strong local community. In addition to those involved in the musical aspect, different sub-groups run different steering groups which include baking/ serving/ administration /sewing choir attire and website designers, therefore allowing many people who to be involved. The funds will be used to cover room hire for choir rehearsals as they build up their own fundraising mechanisms.

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