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10:00am - Saturday 3rd December 2022

Angel Tree helps parents in prison

For someone in prison, Christmas can be the most difficult of seasons. For their children left behind, it can be even harder. This Christmas, we can be the ones to show them love and kindness

Christmas is especially difficult for prisoners and their children. Angel Tree lessens the devastation experienced as a result of parental absence by not only helping families connect and build relationships but by providing children with much-needed joy.

Prison Fellowship volunteers work with prison chaplains and local churches to buy, wrap and deliver Christmas presents for children who have a parent in prison. As long as prisoners are allowed access to their children, they are given the opportunity to apply for a gift to be sent to them. Each gift is dispatched with a personal message written by the parent in prison. The parent is also given the option of including an age-appropriate Christian storybook in their child’s gift.

On Saturday 3rd December the Angel Tree team will be wrapping the donated presents ready to be delivered to the children who have a parent in prison.

The Wrapping Day starts at 10:00am at Christ the King Church, Kents Hill MK7 6HQ

If you would like to help wrap presents then email Mike Crussell at the Angel Tree Prison Fellowship project at

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