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Daytop Multicultural aims to help enhance the chances of the  “Not In Education Employment or Training” get back to work by organizing training, seminars, and workshops

Daytop Multicultural’s mission is to help add positive value in the community through brilliant community integration, cohesion and great service delivery commitment, enabling equality of opportunity regardless of their sex, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion or belief

FORMK were able to support Daytop Multicultural through the ‘MKCC Fund’

Recently we gave the Daytop Multicultural in Milton Keynes £1500 through the MKCC Fund towards training and empowering 15 women Not in Education, Employment or Training within the Black Asian Minority Ethnic group in Fashion Design, Sewing acquisition and skills in starting up a business. Over 12 weeks the course will help recover from the financial and social loss caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The project will reunite women within the community, prevent loneliness & isolation and help mental illness.

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