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Link to MK Food Bank

MK Food Bank has come up with an innovative idea to help people buy the food and essentials they need.

The Top-up shop provides a way for people to top-up their cupboards at a low cost to them. That way MK Food Bank can ensure fewer people go hungry in Milton Keynes.

The  Mobile Top-Up shop can be found in the car park at the right-hand side of Milton Keynes Christian Centre every Friday between 10:00am and 11:30am.  People can choose 10 store cupboard items for £2 for individuals, or 20 items for £4 max per family.

How can you help?

This initiative is part of our FORMK vision to see the needs of the community being met. For more information about MK Foodbank head to their website or Facebook page.  And if you want to volunteer then register your interest!

Volunteer for MK Foodbank

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