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Be Rich Campaign

During February Milton Keynes Christian Centre are hosting a Be Rich campaign to make a difference  in Milton Keynes

During February 2022, Milton Keynes Christian Centre are running a Be Rich campaign focussing on the 4 areas of need.

● Mental Health
● Crime and Safety
● Homelessness
● Poverty & Disadvantage

Milton Keynes Christian Centre is making a difference in each of these areas through ForMK. This great project operates across Milton Keynes. And this website gives you more information about what has already been achieved.

On the final Sunday we are inviting everyone to donate £10 towards the Be Rich Fund which will be used to support the activities of ForMK and the organisations we support.  If you want to donate you can use the button below.

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We will be having a follow-up event on 29th March where you can find out more about volunteering opportunities in Milton Keynes.  So register your interest and leave your contact details so we can keep you up to date with what is happening.

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