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MÓTUS’ mission is to see our theatres and arts scenes bustling with life from every age group and from every sector of the community

MÓTUS was established in 2013 by professional dancers based right here in Milton Keynes, who through their professional work around the country, recognised that there was a huge amount of potential just waiting to be harnessed in the city. And so MÓTUS was born.

FORMK were able to support MÓTUS through the ‘MKCC Fund’

Recently we gave MÓTUS £1,500 through the MKCC Fund.

This grant funded an Art Therapy course ran by MÓTUS (inspired by their previous year’s programme ‘fluid in flight’). The course worked with Portfields Combined School, Jubilee Woods and Great Linford Primary who showcased their newly learnt community dance and great youth artistic practice for the Festival of Creative Living.

50 children participated, each developing their dance skills and their ability to respond to a brief and relate their work to projects within a wider context. As part of this project participants also developed pieces of writing based on their responses to Utopian ideologies and Dystopian consequences.

For MÓTUS this grant allowed them to deepen their connections with these schools and their teachers.

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