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Worktree is a tree of living knowledge about work

Worktree are a community of volunteers (the trunk) helping young people find out what work is really like by answering their questions honestly. They attend sessions in schools organised by a small team of Worktree staff, governed by trustees from different branches of employment.

Their answers are based on their own experiences of growing up and going to schools (the roots), experiencing different employers (the branches) and different jobs (the leaves).

FORMK were able to support Worktree through the ‘MKCC Fund’

Recently we gave Worktree £1,500 through the MKCC Fund to deliver a project that aims to develop Police Trust through ‘Primary Work Out sessions’ in local Schools. Sessions will be delivered in the feeder and other primary schools from which pupils join MK Academy. The project is intended to have a lasting effect on pupils’ attitudes towards the police, through live conversations about officers’ personal experiences of their policing careers and experiences to date.

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